Free Printable Weekly Planner Template For Teachers

A weekly planner is a calendar with all the days of the week marked in a fillable format. These are extremely useful for managing your tasks weekly, and can be used by students, professionals, homemakers, etc. to create schedules for various purposes. It is especially useful for teachers since it allows them to plan their lessons in advance and note down lessons for each day accordingly.

So a weekly planner for teachers is a must if they want to teach their students throughout the week systematically. Every teacher wants to organize their lesson plans on a weekly basis since it allows them to teach any topic in a class smoothly and efficiently. so it is a must for teachers to know their lesson plan for the day in order to prepare ahead what to teach to the students today.

Hence it is ideal for teachers to divide their study schedule on a weekly basis to make their teaching more effective and devote the required number of hours to teach a particular topic. So to help you plan their lessons easily and systematically, we have provided you with printable weekly teacher planner templates in fresh designs and PDF and Excel formats.

Printable Teacher Planner Template Printable Teacher Planner TemplateĀ 

Every teacher must have a lesson planner which allows them to divide the lessons of a topic on a daily basis. Since the syllabus of a class is divided on a monthly basis, and schools determine the number of hours a teacher needs to devote to each lesson, it becomes very important for them to properly plan their lessons. Planning for lessons in advance also allows teachers to prepare for any resources such as charts, models, special classes, etc. they would require to teach a topic to the students. It also enables them to keep track of all the daily lessons they have taught and review at the end of the month whether they were able to finish the topic on time. Since there are a limited number of hours a teacher can devote to a lesson, it becomes crucial for them to divide the topics of the lessons to be taught on a daily basis so that they don’t miss out on any topic.

So to help you create effective lesson goals and manage your time-table easily, we have provided you with weekly teacher planner templates in a downloadable and printable format. These templates are fillable so you can add your schedule in them as per your convenience.

Free Blank Weekly Teacher Planner TemplateFree Blank Weekly Teacher Planner Template


In order to be productive and prioritize topics for each lesson, it is important for every teacher to create their own time-table. It will allow them to allocate time to each topic of a lesson in a planned manner and hence they will be able to explain the concepts to the students better. While a monthly planner is important for noting down the monthly lesson plans date-wise, a weekly planner is more effective in the case of teachers.

It is so because it allows them to divide their syllabus for the month on a shorter basis, and create short-term goals of finishing their lesson plans. It helps them have a definite time period in mind as to when they have to complete a particular topic and review how much time do they have to complete the topic.

Hence it is very crucial for them since it allows them to finish their syllabus on time and stay organized throughout the academic session. It allows them to devote the required amount of time to each topic and hence not to rush up or skip the topics at the end of the semester due to lack of time.

Here we have provided you with a weekly planner for teacher templates in PDF and Word formats. These can be downloaded and customized so you can easily add any details to them and create your own weekly planner.

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